#FF2800 Maraschino
#800020 Oxblood
#FF0800 Candy Apple Red
#FF0000 Red
#DC143C Lollipop

1. Ferrari Red (#FF2800) - This iconic shade of red is immediately recognizable as the signature color of Ferrari sports cars. It is bold, powerful, and passionate, making it the perfect choice for an automobile website.2. Classic Burgundy (#800020) - This deep, rich shade of red is reminiscent of vintage sports cars and luxury vehicles. It exudes a sense of sophistication and elegance, and pairs well with neutral colors like black and gray.3. Candy Apple Red (#FF0800) - This bright, vibrant shade of red is playful and attention-grabbing. It is commonly associated with classic American muscle cars and hot rods, making it a great choice for an automobile-themed website.4. Racing Red (#FF0000) - This intense shade of red is often used in motorsports and racing, and conveys a sense of speed, power, and excitement. It pairs well with other bold colors like black, white, and silver.5. Crimson (#DC143C) - This deep, dark shade of red is associated with luxury and exclusivity. It is a sophisticated and refined color that can add a touch of elegance to any website.

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