#8B0000 Dark Red
#FF7F50 Burnt Orange
#808000 Olive Green
#006400 Dark Green

Color Palette: Contrast from Bad to Good
1. Dark Red - #8B0000 - represents danger or bad
2. Burnt Orange - #FF7F50 - represents warning or caution
3. Mustard Yellow - #FFDB58 - represents okay or moderate
4. Olive Green - #808000 - represents satisfactory
5. Dark Green - #006400 - represents good or positive
6. Lime Green - #32CD32 - represents very good
7. Aqua - #00FFFF - represents excellent
8. Sky Blue - #87CEEB - represents exceptional
9. Royal Blue - #4169E1 - represents outstanding
10. Purple - #8B00FF - represents exceptional and extraordinary
Palette Description: This color palette features 10 colors that represent contrast from bad to good. The palette starts with Dark Red, which represents danger or bad, and progresses through colors like Burnt Orange, Mustard Yellow, and Olive Green to represent warning, okay, and satisfactory. The palette then moves into colors like Dark Green, Lime Green, and Aqua to represent good, very good, and excellent. Finally, the palette ends with colors like Sky Blue, Royal Blue, and Purple to represent exceptional, outstanding, and extraordinary. This palette is perfect for representing contrast in data visualizations and other design projects.

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