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#4F7942 Earthy Green
#0077be Ocean Blue
#f9d71c Sunny Yellow
#ff8c00 Vibrant Orange
#ffffff Pure White

1. Earthy Green - #4F7942 - This color represents the lush greenery of nature and symbolizes growth and life.2. Ocean Blue - #0077be - This color represents the vastness and beauty of the ocean, which is an essential part of our Earth's ecosystem.3. Sunny Yellow - #f9d71c - This color symbolizes the warmth and brightness of the sun, which is essential for all life on Earth.4. Vibrant Orange - #ff8c00 - This color represents energy and excitement, and reflects the passion and enthusiasm for protecting our planet.5. Pure White - #ffffff - This color symbolizes purity and cleanliness, which is essential for maintaining a healthy environment on Earth.

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