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#00BFFF Capri
#32CD32 Monstrous Green
#FFA07A Butternut
#8B008B Purple
#808080 Grey
#40E0D0 Jazzy Jade
#DC143C Lollipop
#FFDB58 Glitter is not Gold
#000080 Navy Blue
#FFC0CB Pink
#808000 Heart Gold
#008080 Teal

1. "Electric Blue" - #00BFFF - This vibrant blue adds energy and excitement to any design project.
2. "Lime Green" - #32CD32 - A fresh and lively green that evokes growth and creativity.
3. "Sunset Orange" - #FFA07A - Warm and inviting, this orange hue brings a touch of playfulness to a design.
4. "Plum Purple" - #8B008B - A rich and regal shade that adds depth and sophistication to any palette.
5. "Steel Grey" - #808080 - A neutral and versatile shade that can serve as a backdrop for bolder colors.
6. "Turquoise" - #40E0D0 - This light and refreshing blue-green tone adds a touch of tranquility to a design.
7. "Crimson Red" - #DC143C - This bold and vibrant shade adds a pop of intensity and drama.
8. "Mustard Yellow" - #FFDB58 - A warm and inviting yellow hue that adds a touch of sunshine to any design.
9. "Navy Blue" - #000080 - A classic and timeless shade that adds depth and seriousness to a design.
10. "Pale Pink" - #FFC0CB - This soft and delicate shade adds a touch of femininity and sweetness to a design.
11. "Olive Green" - #808000 - A unique and earthy shade that adds a touch of natural beauty and calmness.
12. "Deep Teal" - #008080 - This rich and sophisticated shade adds a touch of elegance and depth to any palette.

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